Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Help us fundraise $1000 this summer!!!!

Dear Eclipse Rising supporters!

Our core members  have made a pledge to raise $1000 this summer for the Japan Multicultural Relief Fund, co-founded by Eclipse Rising and Japan Pacific Resource Network, as a commitment to a diverse and just Japan!

Please consider donating here, today.

It's now been over 2 years since the Tsunami/Earthquake disaster struck the Northeast region of Japan, but the most vulnerable people are still impacted. So far we've supported several communities including immigrants, foreign-residents like Zainichi Koreans, single mothers, the elderly, and the disabled. Projects have included a multilingual hotline, emergency transportation, distribution of food and supplies, reopening schools, securing shelters, and launching a multicultural community center.

These projects are unique in that they are not only about temporary relief, but also building power among victims and building a thriving multicultural community in the region.

Any contribution will help! If 10 of our friends donate $20 today, we are $200 closer to reaching our goal. Our members have already personally donated to inspire you!

Please see our fund website (but remember donate at link below) to read about the impact we have had already.

Please DONATE at our Go Fund Me site, in order to help us keep track of our efforts to reach $1000 this summer.

Also, as the fund is almost entirely supported by volunteers, we are always looking for more volunteers! If you are interested in helping, even a few hours this summer, it can go a long way. Please contact me directly.


Peace, Love, Solidarity,
Kei Fischer
Co-coordinator, co-founder, Eclipse Rising