Friday, December 5, 2008

Eclipse Rising member, Miho Kim, gets Yayori Award

Eclipse Rising member, Miho Kim, will be the first zainichi Korean woman to receive Japan's prestigious Yayori Award, this Sunday, December 7, in Tokyo, Japan.
Go Miho!
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The Fourth Women's Human Rights Activities Award
(2008 Yayori Award)

the recipient of the Yayori Award

Miho Kim


3rd generation zainichi Corean from Fukuoka, miho grew up a forgotten daughter of a divided Corea under ongoing Japanese colonial apartheid, intimately familiar with interpersonal and institutional violence and colonization than love and respect for her identity. Denied access to education in Japan due to her nationality at age 13, she wasseparated from family―and permanently lost legal status in Japan. Miho, now based in California, works to build the capacity of Hisabetsu Nikkeicommunities, particularly women, to dismantle colonialism and militarism by holding those responsible fully accountable, and deliver collective healing, empowerment and genuine liberation for all.

Note: The term "Corea" is used intentionally by the nominee to refer to what in Japanese is known as "Chosen"―a distinct ethnicity derived from a nation of peoples sharing common language and cultural heritage etc., for 5,000 years, prior to the division of less than a century ago. And "Korea" on the other hand refers to the nation-state entities or the peninsula of geopolitical significance (such as S. Korea, N. Korea, and so on). There are also instances in which a preexisting term "Korea" is onomastically used, and simply repeated faithfully as is in this document.

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