Friday, January 30, 2009

Hear ER member interview about zainichi on APEX 94.1FM

Check out ER member interview on the Bay Area's favorite Asian-American radio program on KPFA - talking about being a zainichi Korean growing up, minority communities in Japan and, last but not least, ER efforts and activities - one of which is the zainichi film screenings like the one below! We chose to show HARUKO because it's a montage of such precious historical footage from 1940s Japan, unfolding such a radically different picture of Japan's postwar national reconstruction and development (led by the US via the GHQ to solidify a solid US-aligned regime) than the dominant version that we may think of. Haruko lived through it all - from Cheju Island to the back alleys of bomb-decimated Tokyo, to the infamous Omura Detention Center (to detan "illegal immigrants"), to the home that was hers, along with her eight children...and her son, a cameraman, shares a montage of footage of his mother he collected over a 40 year period, weaving in his talkstory that will have you walk away with an entirely fresh notion of the modern Japanese society and the people that comprise this so-called 'homogenous' landscape. The interview is about the last 15 min. of the show.

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