Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Zainichi Korean Quarterly Film Series Featuring “Woori Hakkyo” - Our School

Eclipse Rising and Eastside Arts Alliance present…

The Zainichi Korean Quarterly Film Series

Featuring “Woori Hakkyo” - Our School

by Kim Myeong-Joon

Sunday, May 17

1:00 PM

Eastside Cultural Center

2277 International Blvd. at 23rd Ave., Oakland

(510) 533-6629

About the Film: Woori Hakkyo is a documentary film that gives audiences a glimpse into the daily lives of 3rd and 4th generation Korean residents of Japan who attend a K-12 Korean school in the northern most prefecture of Japan: Hokkaido. As a critical response to the prevailing negative connotation the broader Japanese society has associated the Korean schools with because of their relation with the DPRK, Woori Hakkyo reveals an honest look at what life is like, particularly for the youth, in this unique community of Japan.

Historical Background of the Korean Schools in Japan: After liberation from Japanese colonization in 1945, 1st generation Zainichi Koreans built Korean schools in order for their descendants to learn the “mother tongue” – a right that had been deprived of the Korean community in Japan as a result of colonial assimilation policies. Hundreds of these Korean schools that are operated all over Japan are not recognized as “formal educational institutions” by the Japanese Ministry of Education and Science to this day.

Eclipse Rising is a US-based Zainichi Korean group founded in the winter of 2008, by Zainichi Koreans who came together in the Bay Area to recognize and celebrate the rich and unique history of Koreans in Japan, promote Zainichicommunity development, peace and reunification, and work for social justice for all minorities in Japan and around the world.

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Eastside Arts Alliance is dedicated to nurturing ans supporting the work of the Lower San Antonio District’s African American, Latino/Chicano, Asian/Pacific Islander, and Indigenous artists and cultural workers, many of whom have not found a home within Oakland’s mainstream arts community.

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Film is in Korean and Japanese with English Subtitles


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