Friday, July 9, 2010

Justice for Equal Educational Rights for Korean School Students!

On April 30, after major protests all over Japan (starting with the 3.27 Tokyo Assembly), the Japanese Ministry of Justice announced that their revised tuition-free program for high school students now includes 31 non-Japanese schools (such as Chinese, Taiwanese, and other so-called international schools), but still persistently excludes 10 Korean high schools. Even though their programs and curricula satisfy the criteria, due to the strong connections with pro-North Korea organization, Chongryun, Korean high schools were again denied the equal educational rights by the Japanese government. Eclipse Rising sent a solidarity message to the 3.27 Assembly and the high school students saying that we, as diasporic Zainichi Koreans, support the collective efforts to demand the equal educational rights for Korean high school students. The Japanese government has changed the criteria for the free-tuition program again and again to enable them to exclude ONLY Korean schools. On June 26, 1200 people gathered in Shiba park in Tokyo to protest the Japanese government's racist policy (which Eclipse Rising also endorsed). Video is found here:
This Sunday, July 11, Eclipse Rising members Haruki and Kyung Hee are fortunate enough to attend the Kyoto Assembly! We will report after the event!!!

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