Tuesday, November 23, 2010

"homeland" politics wrongly used by the japanese government

"The first direct artillery attack on South Korean territory since 1953" (Yonhap) by North Korea killed 2 South Korean marines yesterday. As expected, Japanese and U.S. media, with a complete amnesia of HOW and WHY the incident happened, represent North Korea as a irrational and uncivilized nation that does not care about killing civilians. Can we talk about the Japanese colonization and U.S. military intervention that created the 38th parallel and 2 nations in the Korean Peninsula in the first place? Can we not assume that all of a sudden Korea was divided because Korean people were incapable of uniting the nation and have an independent sovereign government on their own?

Moreover, can we talk about how the "homeland" politics affects lives of Korean diaspora all over the world? Japanese government is again using North Korea as their justification to discriminate, marginalize and try to kill Korean education in Japan, claiming that woori hakkyo (Korean schools) are terrorist schools. Do they really think that taking away equal educational rights from children can promote mutual understanding and peaceful relationship? Now, who's being irrational?

Below is breaking news from Mainichi Shimbun, the only non-ultra-right newspaper in Japan. Senda, Chief Cabinet Secretary and Takagi, Minister of Education said that application of "free-tuition-program" to Korean schools in Japan must be reconsidered now due to what NK did yesterday.

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